Did you hear about this videotape that kills you when you watch it?

a! azuringu ya!

When you watch it, seven days later...

azuringu dai-O!

Azumanga Daioh! is the creation of Kiyohiko Azuma. Copyright Mediaworks, MM; ADV Films MMIII.
the ring belongs to Koji Suzuki. Copyright Kadokawa Shoten MCMXCI; Asmik ACE MCMXCVIII; Dreamworks SKG MMII.

Urban legends. Few times are they taken seriously; fewer still are the occasions when they instill such terror and anxiety. But when a strange video tape begins making its rounds through Japan, leaving a trail of death and despair wherever its ominous images are displayed, there is only one way to stop it.

The problem is, the cure may be worse than the disease.

But at least it will be much, much cuter.

Based upon the foremost representative of the new wave of Japanese horror, ring, as well as its American counterpart The Ring, Azuringu Dai-O! is a parody fiction starring the familiar cast of Azumanga Daioh!, a few months after graduation. Though only a passing knowledge of either version of Ring is needed, it helps to visit Ringworld to clear up all your questions (it's also the ultimate repository of Ring knowledge, as well as the largest Ringworm community this side of a VHS tape.)

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Day -2: There's a video... Day -1: "I saw her face..."
Day 0: Ring Day 1: Drawn in
Day 2: "She will show you." Day 3: Cursed
Day 4: Sadako Day 5: Waking up
Day 6: S-chan! Day 7: Cabin 12
Final Day: Static

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